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ASV Educational and Charitable trust is a non profit and non government organization wants to make great difference in the lives of youth to acquire skills to earn more and make life interesting and pleasant. Recently it has undertaken projects in the villages with an objective of extending green cover to combat global warming and enrich the biodiversity. It has the greater aim of ecological justice so that all living beings will enjoy its breath happily. ASV Trust has greater aim of bringing the youth closer to nature and to increase their immunity power by conducting yoga exercises and breathing skills. It has three offices in India.


Gender equity

ASV TRust wants to strive for gender justice by creating equal opportunities. Taking concern on female labour in construction sites and train both the labour irrespective of gender in all vocational trades.

Ecological justice

India lives in villages. So It wants to make the villages more greener by tree plantation and create awareness on conservation of natural resources and create concern on the species which are going to be extinct due to over exploitation of natural resources.

Life close to nature

In response to the pandemic fever the trust conduct yoga and pranayama ( Breathing exercises) to the children and youth living in villages and learning in government school.

Inclusive and integrity

Towards integration of human beings beyond race, colour and religion. The activities are planned with equality and oneness beyond any bias.

Small is beautiful

This trust wants to plan and enact small beginning close with nature. It has aesthetic concern so that human mind can realise its origin and enjoy living in this cosmos one with nature.

We Concern

We concern for the youth employment we concern for the ecology we concern & conserve our heritage and wisdom